Season 17

Season 17 (2011)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Thomas Friedman

Air Date: 2011-10-03

The U.S. military kills Anwar al-Awlaki, Herman Cain talks about Rick Perry's ranch, and Thomas Friedman discusses America's role in the global market.

Ep.2 Michael Lewis

Air Date: 2011-10-04

Chris Christie restates his position, Mitt Romney flip-flops, ESPN pulls Hank Williams Jr.'s song, and Michael Lewis discusses his travels as a financial disaster tourist.

Ep.3 Hugh Jackman

Air Date: 2011-10-05

Conservatives call Occupy Wall Street protesters anti-American, Florida votes to move its primary up, and Hugh Jackman boxes robots.

Ep.4 Jason Sudeikis

Air Date: 2011-10-06

Sarah Palin confirms she won't be running in 2012, Herman Cain shares his conspiracy theories, and Jason Sudeikis gives the inside scoop on "Saturday Night Live.

Ep.5 Ellen Schultz

Air Date: 2011-10-17

Wyatt Cenac and Samantha Bee examine Mitt Romney's faith, Occupy Wall Street grows, and Ellen Schultz explains how American companies have decimated retiree benefit plans.

Ep.6 Calvin Trillin

Air Date: 2011-10-18

Republicans identify America's American enemy, John Oliver tries to join Occupy Wall Street, and Calvin Trillin talks political humor.

Ep.7 Al Sharpton

Air Date: 2011-10-19

The Las Vegas GOP debate gets heated, Larry Wilmore considers Herman Cain's race card, and Al Sharpton discusses the impact of Occupy Wall Street.

Ep.8 Richard Brookhiser

Air Date: 2011-10-20

Libyans celebrate Muammar al-Gaddafi's death, John Oliver rebrands Libya, and Richard Brookhiser discusses James Madison's impact on American politics.

Ep.9 Kevin Clash

Air Date: 2011-10-24

Rick Perry goes birther, Republicans dislike Barack Obama's decision to end the Iraq War, and Kevin Clash talks about being Elmo.

Ep.10 Walter Isaacson

Air Date: 2011-10-25

Rick Perry and Herman Cain explain their jokes, Lewis Black examines the indoctrination of kids, and Walter Isaacson discusses his Steve Jobs biography.

Ep.11 Lisa Randall

Air Date: 2011-10-26

A Koch-funded study debunks Climategate, riot police raid Occupy Oakland, and Lisa Randall explores the implications of scientific research.

Ep.12 Andrew Napolitano

Air Date: 2011-10-27

Mitt Romney remains second in polls, Europe's financial crisis causes market volatility, and Andrew Napolitano thinks that the government is wrong.

Ep.13 Mindy Kaling

Air Date: 2011-10-31

Herman Cain denies sexual harassment allegations, Rick Perry loosens up, Wyatt Cenac reports on a dead bill, and Mindy Kaling discusses her parents' concerns.

Ep.14 Condoleezza Rice

Air Date: 2011-11-01

Fox News defends the rich, John Hodgman calls for a celebration of the 1%, and Condoleezza Rice discusses the Bush administration.

Ep.15 Tom Brokaw

Air Date: 2011-11-02

Herman Cain discusses his sexual harassment case, Jon and the Best F#@king News Team Ever debate conservative black superiority, and Tom Brokaw wants to rebuild America.

Ep.16 Brad Paisley

Air Date: 2011-11-03

Occupy Oakland protesters vandalize businesses, Aasif Mandvi reports on killer hot dogs, and Brad Paisley recalls his musical heroes.

Ep.17 Clint Eastwood

Air Date: 2011-11-07

Herman Cain blames the media, Sean Hannity accuses NPR of having a liberal political agenda, and Clint Eastwood discusses J. Edgar Hoover's life.

Ep.18 Bill Clinton

Air Date: 2011-11-08

John Corzine resigns as MF Global's CEO, and Bill Clinton discusses the U.S. economy and provides a detailed plan for its recovery in "Back to Work.

Ep.19 Nancy Pelosi

Air Date: 2011-11-09

Herman Cain blames Democrats for his scandal; Republicans take a hit in Ohio, Arizona and Mississippi; and Nancy Pelosi shares her thoughts on Congress.

Ep.20 Adam Sandler

Air Date: 2011-11-10

Rick Perry draws a blank at the CNBC debate, The Best F#@king News Team Ever revels in Perry's brain fart, and Adam Sandler dishes on his family life.

Ep.21 Leymah Gbowee

Air Date: 2011-11-14

Aasif Mandvi explains why facts are GOP candidates' enemy, Jason Jones takes a look at ugly people, and Leymah Gbowee discusses the Liberian peace movement.

Ep.22 Mark Kelly

Air Date: 2011-11-15

Herman Cain struggles with foreign policy; Jerry Sandusky takes a phone interview; and Mark Kelly talks about his wife, Gabrielle Giffords.

Ep.23 Diane Keaton

Air Date: 2011-11-16

The congressional super committee faces a looming deadline, Samantha Bee explores Occupy Wall Street's class division, and Diane Keaton recalls growing up in California.

Ep.24 Martin Scorsese

Air Date: 2011-11-17

Newt Gingrich emerges as the GOP front-runner, Sarah Vowell defends the glory of Evacuation Day, and Martin Scorsese talks movies.

Ep.25 Merrill Markoe

Air Date: 2011-11-28

Police pepper spray U.C. Davis students, conservatives criticize Barack Obama for leaving God out of his Thanksgiving speech, and Merrill Markoe explores comedy.

Ep.26 Betty White

Air Date: 2011-11-29

Herman Cain denies accusations of an extramarital affair, Barney Frank announces his retirement, and Betty White adores animals.

Ep.27 Bono

Air Date: 2011-11-30

Aasif Mandvi reports on Egypt's election, a fire alarm blares over Brian Williams' broadcast, and Bono believes that America is close to ending the AIDS epidemic.

Ep.28 Bob Costas

Air Date: 2011-12-01

Bloomberg reveals the U.S. government bailouts totaled $7.7 trillion, Mitt Romney loses his cool, and Bob Costas reviews his Jerry Sandusky interview.

Ep.29 Ben Lowy

Air Date: 2011-12-05

Herman Cain suspends his campaign, John Oliver takes a closer look at California's political process, and Ben Lowy talks war photography.

Ep.30 Jonah Hill

Air Date: 2011-12-06

Conservatives object to the secularization of Christmas, Republicans fear Donald Trump's debate moderating, and Jonah Hill admits to taking handsome pills.

Ep.31 Ralph Fiennes

Air Date: 2011-12-07

The Senate passes a bill that jeopardizes Americans' civil rights, the CIA loses a stealth drone in Iran, and Ralph Fiennes enjoys Shakespeare.

Ep.32 Ed Gillespie

Air Date: 2011-12-08

Bill O'Reilly takes a shot at Jon, GOP Candidates express their love for Israel, and Ed Gillespie examines the effects of Dodd-Frank.

Ep.33 Anne Burrell

Air Date: 2011-12-12

John Oliver looks into Mitt Romney's costly bet, PolitiFact gives Jon a "pants on fire" rating, and Anne Burell cooks like a rock star.

Ep.34 Lawrence Lessig

Air Date: 2011-12-13

The Florida Family Association opposes TLC's portrayal of Muslims, Newt Gingrich concocts a poverty-fighting plan, and Lawrence Lessig wants to end Congressional corruption.

Ep.35 Melody Barnes

Air Date: 2011-12-14

Mitt Romney makes a ballsy move against Newt Gingrich, Fox News uncovers a Muppet controversy, and Melody Barnes talks domestic policy.

Ep.36 Matt Damon

Air Date: 2011-12-15

GOP leaders share some compelling reasons for Republican voters not to choose Newt Gingrich as their political party's standard-bearer. Wyatt Cenac discovers that there is no euphemism for masturbation that accurately describes what Congress is doing to the post office. Matt Damon sports a buzz cut and compares his head shape with Jon's.

Ep.37 Charles Barkley

Air Date: 2012-01-03

Republican candidates criticize Ron Paul's position on Iran, Rick Santorum surges in the polls, and Charles Barkley weighs in on 2012's NBA teams.

Ep.38 Elizabeth Dowling Taylor

Air Date: 2012-01-04

Mitt Romney tops the Iowa caucus, Michele Bachmann drops out of the presidential race, and Elizabeth Dowling Taylor explores the life of White House slave Paul Jennings.

Ep.39 Craig Shirley

Air Date: 2012-01-05

The GOP censures Barack Obama's recess appointment, Jason Jones helps a Republican outcast, and Craig Shirley provides an intimate look at the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Ep.40 George Lucas

Air Date: 2012-01-09

GOP presidential candidates debate twice in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney's competitors resent his wealth, and George Lucas commemorates the Tuskegee Airmen.

Ep.41 Andrew Napolitano

Air Date: 2012-01-10

The New Hampshire primary results trickle in, Iran begins enriching uranium, and Andrew Napolitano weighs in on the GOP presidential candidates.

Ep.42 Jim DeMint

Air Date: 2012-01-11

Mitt Romney wins the New Hampshire primary, The Best F#@king News Team reports from South Carolina, and Jim DeMint considers America's economic and political problems.

Ep.43 Dolly Parton

Air Date: 2012-01-12

Newt Gingrich tackles an array of minority issues, John Oliver elevates America's public discourse, and Dolly Parton dukes it out with Queen Latifah.

Ep.44 Jodi Kantor

Air Date: 2012-01-16

Jon takes over the Colbert Super PAC, China's Foxconn comes under attack for its poor working conditions, and Jodi Kantor talks about the Obamas.

Ep.45 Liam Neeson

Air Date: 2012-01-17

Newt Gingrich wins the South Carolina debate, Stephen Colbert reveals his wishes for the Colbert Super PAC, and Liam Neeson enjoys small-town Canada.

Ep.46 Joe Nocera

Air Date: 2012-01-18

Wikipedia's blackout puts the spotlight on SOPA, Mitt Romney reveals his tax rate, and Joe Nocera shares his thoughts on Wall Street.

Ep.47 Elizabeth Banks

Air Date: 2012-01-19

Rick Perry drops out of the GOP race, Newt Gingrich's ex-wife reveals his request for an open marriage, and Elizabeth Banks enjoys performing on high-rise ledges.

Ep.48 Kathleen Sebelius

Air Date: 2012-01-23

Newt Gingrich takes South Carolina, Al Madrigal gets to know Mitt Romney's most fervent enthusiast, and Kathleen Sebelius talks about health care reform.

Ep.49 Elizabeth Warren

Air Date: 2012-01-24

Mitt Romney defends his tax returns, Newt Gingrich one-ups Mitt Romney at the Florida GOP debate, and Elizabeth Warren urges America to invest in its future.

Ep.50 Paula Broadwell

Air Date: 2012-01-25

Barack Obama gives his State of the Union address, Mitch Daniels counters it with a Republican rebuttal, and Paula Broadwell examines General David Patraeus' career.

Ep.51 Tilda Swinton

Air Date: 2012-01-26

The Supreme Court deliberates over televised profanity, Newt Gingrich tackles the moon, and Tilda Swinton discusses her acting career.

Ep.52 Lou Dobbs

Air Date: 2012-01-30

Mitt Romney pummels Newt Gingrich in Florida, Jason Jones finds out how Floridian women feel about Newt Gingrich, and Lou Dobbs gets excited about political controversies.

Ep.53 Jonathan Macey

Air Date: 2012-01-31

Newt Gingrich panders to Florida's Hispanic voters, Mitt Romney spins his work at Bain Capital into an asset, and Jonathan Macey talks about private equity firms.

Ep.54 Brad Pitt

Air Date: 2012-02-01

Mitt Romney wins the Florida primary, John Oliver and Jason Jones consider both sides of the wealth gap, and Brad Pitt roots for baseball's underdogs.

Ep.55 David Agus

Air Date: 2012-02-02

Donald Trump endorses Mitt Romney, Aasif Mandvi investigates Florida's welfare drug testing law, and David Agus rethinks America's attitude toward illness.

Ep.56 Ali Soufan

Air Date: 2012-02-13

CNN stuns Whitney Houston fans, Catholics confuse health care reform with war, and Ali Soufan considers the complexities of ethnic nationalism in the Middle East.

Ep.57 Ricky Gervais

Air Date: 2012-02-14

Rick Santorum worries about women joining men in combat , Liz Trotta makes incendiary remarks about rape in the military, and Ricky Gervais analyzes panda repopulation.

Ep.58 Louise Slaughter

Air Date: 2012-02-15

House Republicans oppose the STOCK Act's intelligence provisions, Wyatt Cenac investigates whale slavery, and Louise Slaughter strives to end congressional insider trading.

Ep.59 Arne Duncan

Air Date: 2012-02-16

Barack Obama takes heat for his Hollywood fundraiser; Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum fight for Michigan; and Arne Duncan works to improve America's educational system.

Ep.60 Alan Huffman & Michael Rejebian

Air Date: 2012-02-20

Congress debates birth control coverage, Aasif Mandvi investigates Time Warner's Knicks blackout, and Alan Huffman and Michael Rejebian uncover candidate scandals.

Ep.61 Russ Feingold

Air Date: 2012-02-21

Chris Christie vetoes New Jersey's same-sex marriage bill, Virginia encroaches on women's reproductive rights, and Russ Feingold discusses campaign finance reform.

Ep.62 Bruce Bartlett

Air Date: 2012-02-22

Republicans build a frightening case against Barack Obama, health officials debate publishing controversial bird flu research, and Bruce Bartlett calls for tax reform.

Ep.63 Paul Rudd

Air Date: 2012-02-23

Rick Santorum takes heat for his frankness, Newt Gingrich considers himself cheerful, and Paul Rudd indulges his sweet tooth.

Ep.64 Neil deGrasse Tyson

Air Date: 2012-02-27

Rick Santorum gets queasy over John F. Kennedy's religious tolerance speech, the Pope joins the Twitterverse, and Neil deGrasse Tyson advocates U.S. space exploration.

Ep.65 Stephen Merchant

Air Date: 2012-02-28

Rick Santorum calls on Michigan Democrats for support, Samantha Bee gets to the bottom of Grover Norquist's anti-tax pledge, and Stephen Merchant discusses his lofty stature.

Ep.66 Masha Gessen

Air Date: 2012-02-29

Mitt Romney takes Michigan, conservative pundits mourn the state of the GOP field, and Masha Gessen discusses the rise and anticipated fall of Vladimir Putin.

Ep.67 M. Cathleen Kaveny

Air Date: 2012-03-01

The U.S. Senate debates the Blunt amendment, Barbara Boxer breaks down Jon's jokes on the Senate floor, and Cathleen Kaveny explores Catholic moral theology.

Ep.68 Shaun Donovan

Air Date: 2012-03-05

Rush Limbaugh makes incendiary remarks about Sandra Fluke, John Oliver meets Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour, and Secretary Shaun Donovan tackles homelessness.

Ep.69 Julianne Moore

Air Date: 2012-03-06

Host Jon Stewart interviews Julianne Moore and discusses the day's news and important topics.

Ep.70 Cecile Richards

Air Date: 2012-03-07

Mitt Romney wins Ohio on Super Tuesday, CNN reveals holodeck technology, the White House press corps tries to gin up a fight, and Cecile Richards discusses Planned Parenthood.

Ep.71 Trita Parsi

Air Date: 2012-03-08

Jon Stewart exposes Sean Hannity's seedy past, Jessica Williams investigates Socialism in America, and National Iranian American Council President Trita Parsi discusses U.S.-Iranian relations.

Ep.72 Grover Norquist

Air Date: 2012-03-12

Al Madrigal and Jessica Williams report on the Kony 2012 activist youth movement, Mitt Romney applies a Southern strategy in Alabama, and Grover Norquist talks tax reform.

Ep.73 Will Ferrell

Air Date: 2012-03-13

Fox News compares Rush Limbaugh to Bill Maher, Kristen Schaal finds humor in Republican policies on women's health, and Will Ferrell learns Spanish for "Casa de mi Padre.

Ep.74 Rachel Weisz

Air Date: 2012-03-14

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum pick up wins in the Southern primaries and CNN has a hard time making it exciting, South by Southwest creates "homeless hotspots," and Rachel Weisz reveals that her movie "Deep Blue Sea" has no LL Cool J-eating sharks.

Ep.75 No Guest

Air Date: 2012-03-15

Bashar al Assad's hacked emails reveal some interesting music choices, Jon tries to help Mt. Vernon, New Hampshire with some new names for a local pond, and John Oliver investigates why America cut all funding to UNESCO.

Ep.76 Shaquille O'Neal

Air Date: 2012-03-26

Dick Cheney gets a new heart, Florida's "stand your ground" law leads to the shooting of Trayvon Martin, and NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal talks about getting his Ph.D.

Ep.77 Maria Goodavage

Air Date: 2012-03-27

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell gets jilted; Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney deal with "gotcha" media; Sam Bee visits Park Slope, Brooklyn; and Maria Goodavage talks military dogs.

Ep.78 Ahmed Rashid

Air Date: 2012-03-28

Jon struggles with "pink slime" being a part of his cheeseburger, Russian accents continue to be evil, and Ahmed Rashid explains how America's military presence affects Afghanistan's economy.

Ep.79 Rachel Maddow

Air Date: 2012-03-29

Supporters and opponents before the Supreme Court to discuss The Affordable Care Act, Spike Lee endangers the lives of the sweetest people in the world, and Rachel Maddow explains how Americans can connect with the military.

Ep.80 Mohamed Nasheed

Air Date: 2012-04-02

Mitt Romney endorsements lack enthusiasm, the Tucson school board bans Mexican-American studies, and former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed talks climate and democracy.

Ep.81 Thomas C. Goldstein

Air Date: 2012-04-03

Sarah Palin infiltrates "Today Show," John Oliver asks Palin fans about her brave co-hosting, and SCOTUSblog publisher Tom Goldstein discusses his Supreme Court case.

Ep.82 Jack L. Goldsmith

Air Date: 2012-04-04

Rick Santorum believes it's campaign half-time, Larry Wilmore finds the racist culprit in the Trayvon Martin case, and Jack Goldsmith discusses executive power, post-9/11.

Ep.83 Anthony Bourdain

Air Date: 2012-04-05

The GSA's Vegas conference is an epic boondoggle, Bill O'Reilly won't pay $4 for shrimp, Obama wants $75 from Jon, and "No Reservations" star Anthony Bourdain talks travel.

Ep.84 Tim Weiner

Air Date: 2012-04-09

Passover goes toe-to-toe with Easter, NBC faces backlash for its editing of George Zimmerman's 911 call, and Tim Weiner discusses his book, "Enemies: A History of the FBI.

Ep.85 Elon Musk

Air Date: 2012-04-10

CNN brands its news segments, Google eyeglasses augment reality, Facebook buys Instagram, and Elon Musk discusses the future of human space exploration.

Ep.86 Ricky Gervais

Air Date: 2012-04-11

The Best F#@king News Team Ever reports from the Gingrich, Romney and Obama camps; Al Madrigal investigates "personhood" in Oklahoma; and Ricky Gervais talks Karl Pilkington.

Ep.87 Esperanza Spalding

Air Date: 2012-04-12

George Zimmerman is charged with murder; The Best F#@king News Team Ever reports from Sanford, FL; Egypt prepares for elections, and Esperanza Spalding performs.

Ep.88 Jane Goodall

Air Date: 2012-04-16

The Secret Service is embroiled in a prostitution scandal, the media addresses Hilary Rosen and the "war on women," and Jane Goodall talks Disney's new film, "Chimpanzee.

Ep.89 Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Air Date: 2012-04-17

Geraldo Rivera taunts the Taliban, Senate Republicans filibuster the "Buffett Rule," Jason Jones examines the women's voting bloc, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus discusses "Veep.

Ep.90 Robert Reich

Air Date: 2012-04-18

The GSA's Jeff Neely pleads the Fifth, Jon compares the comedic styles of Mitt Romney and President Obama, and economist Robert Reich is "Beyond Outrage.

Ep.91 Judy Smith

Air Date: 2012-04-19

Conservative pundits pivot on Mitt Romney, North Korea is out of the axis of evil, and "Good Self, Bad Self" author Judy Smith discusses high-profile crisis management.

Ep.92 Ben Rattray

Air Date: 2012-04-23

Mitt Romney looks for a running mate, John Oliver sits down with Herman Cain, the Obama and Romney campaigns debate canine issues, and Ben Rattray talks social media.

Ep.93 Madeleine Albright

Air Date: 2012-04-24

The Secret Service prostitution scandal widens, The Best F#@king News Team Ever fights voter apathy, and Madeleine Albright shares personal history.

Ep.94 Jason Segel

Air Date: 2012-04-25

Wealthy citizens want to mine asteroids, Neil deGrasse Tyson plays "Bulls**t or No Bulls**t, Mitt Romney recalibrates his campaign, and Jason Segel works with humans.

Ep.95 Robert Draper

Air Date: 2012-04-26

Rupert Murdoch faces new accusations, the Democrats have issues in North Carolina, and Robert Draper offers a glimpse into the House of Representatives.

Ep.96 Zach Wahls

Air Date: 2012-04-30

Republicans and Democrats debate discretionary social spending, Mike & Ike stage a gay divorce, and Zach Wahls shares lessons learned from his two moms.

Ep.97 David Barton

Air Date: 2012-05-01

The anniversary of Osama bin Laden's death sparks controversy, Lewis Black rants about artisanal bagels, and David Barton argues for a new understanding of Thomas Jefferson.

Ep.98 Tom Coburn

Air Date: 2012-05-02

Newt Gingrich calls it quits, Romney advisor Richard Grenell resigns under pressure from conservative groups, and Senator Tom Coburn warns of the country's "Debt Bomb.

Ep.99 Peter Bergen

Air Date: 2012-05-03

Osama bin Laden's documents reveal a brand-conscious terrorist, Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng asks Hillary Clinton for aid, and Peter Bergen discusses "Man Hunt.

Ep.100 Admiral General Aladeen

Air Date: 2012-05-07

Elections in Europe spell bad news for incumbents, Al Madrigal gauges young voters' enthusiasm for Obama, and Admiral General Aladeen assures Jon that his family is safe.

Ep.101 Ivo Daalder

Air Date: 2012-05-08

Joe Biden's support for gay marriage is not new policy, Mitt Romney takes credit for the auto bailout, and Ivo Daalder explains the seating arrangements at NATO summits.

Ep.102 John R. Hall

Air Date: 2012-05-09

President Obama voices his support for same-sex marriage, Kristen Schaal shares her voting history, and John Hall critiques Jon's Queen Elizabeth II impression.

Ep.103 Robert Caro

Air Date: 2012-05-10

Fox News evolves on the issue of same-sex marriage, Jason Jones reports from George Clooney's fundraiser, and Robert Caro discusses Lyndon Johnson's passage to power.

Ep.104 Michelle Obama

Air Date: 2012-05-29

Jon recalls a conversation with Roger Ailes, examines the good and bad kinds of socialism, and talks to Michelle Obama about the importance of gardening.

Ep.105 Dan Rather

Air Date: 2012-05-30

Mitt Romney wins Texas, Donald Trump is an on-again, off-again birther, Jessica Williams investigates a Minnesota prom, and Dan Rather is "Rather Outspoken.

Ep.106 Jim Parsons

Air Date: 2012-05-31

Mayor Michael Bloomberg seeks a ban on oversized sugary drinks, Wyatt Cenac reports on Russia's blocking intervention in Syria, and Jim Parsons stars in "Harvey.

Ep.107 Thomas Mann & Norman Ornstein

Air Date: 2012-06-04

John Oliver reports from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the Obama administration plays "Polish That Turd," and Norman Ornstein and Thomas Mann discuss government dysfunction.

Ep.108 Gary Johnson

Air Date: 2012-06-05

The Wisconsin recall election proceeds, Al Madrigal reports on Latino unemployment in television, and Libertarian Gary Johnson discusses an alternative political path.

Ep.109 Michael Fassbender

Air Date: 2012-06-06

Samantha Bee reports on Wisconsin's anger in the midst of Scott Walker's recall election, drones come in many forms, and Michael Fassbender reveals "Prometheus" plot points.

Ep.110 Edward Conard

Air Date: 2012-06-07

The media debates fairness, Governor Cuomo proposes marijuana legislation, and Edward Conard talks innovation and risk and his book, "Unintended Consequences.

Ep.111 Boris Johnson

Air Date: 2012-06-11

President Obama gets caught in a gaffe, Larry Wilmore discusses the lack of diversity in a Romney ad, and Boris Johnson gives a mayoral opinion on the large soda ban.

Ep.112 Colin Powell

Air Date: 2012-06-12

Governor Rick Scott continues his voter purge in Florida, prisoners at Gitmo enjoy some taxpayer-funded amenities, and Colin Powell discusses his book, "It Worked For Me.

Ep.113 Maggie Gyllenhaal

Air Date: 2012-06-13

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney scramble to raise cash, the White House receives criticism for suspicious leaks, and Maggie Gyllenhaal discusses the invention of vibrators.

Ep.114 Catherine Zeta-Jones

Air Date: 2012-06-14

JPMorgan Chase's CEO Jamie Dimon testifies in Washington, Aasif Mandvi uncovers a conspiracy in Idaho, and Catherine Zeta-Jones talks "Rock of Ages" and "Spartacus.

Ep.115 Parmy Olson

Air Date: 2012-06-18

Greece votes to stay within the EU, Samantha Bee debates whether or not to attend a $40,000-a-plate Obama fundraiser, and journalist Parmy Olson sheds light on Anonymous.

Ep.116 Denis Leary

Air Date: 2012-06-19

Democrats try to build a strong liberal coalition, President Obama uses his executive authority to prevent excessive deportation, and Denis Leary fills in for Marco Rubio.

Ep.117 Steve Carell

Air Date: 2012-06-20

Attorney General Eric Holder faces criticism from the House Oversight Committee, Obama and Romney face hecklers on the trail, and Steve Carell promotes all of his new books.

Ep.118 Bassem Youssef

Air Date: 2012-06-21

President Obama claims executive privilege on "fast and furious" documents, and Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef fulfills a dream by appearing on The Daily Show.

Ep.119 Marco Rubio

Air Date: 2012-06-25

The Supreme Court rules on the Arizona immigration law, Mitt Romney hosts a retreat for big donors in Utah, and Marco Rubio shares lessons from his two years in the Senate.

Ep.120 Seth MacFarlane

Air Date: 2012-06-26

President Obama's role in Operation Fast and Furious inspires conservative talk of dictatorship, and Seth MacFarlane explains how he recruited Mark Wahlberg to star in "Ted.

Ep.121 Andrew Garfield

Air Date: 2012-06-27

Governor Cuomo's proposed decriminalization of marijuana fails, Jessica Williams sends health care news from the Supreme Court, and Andrew Garfield is Spider-Man.

Ep.122 Tenacious D

Air Date: 2012-06-28

The Supreme Court rules Obamacare constitutional, John Oliver poses questions to fictional president Herman Cain, and Tenacious D performs songs off "Rize of the Fenix.

Ep.123 Louis C.K.

Air Date: 2012-07-16

Mitt Romney retires retroactively, John Oliver reports from New Jersey on the Viacom-DirecTV dispute, and Louis C.K. clarifies his controversial Twitter comments.

Ep.124 Victor Cruz

Air Date: 2012-07-17

Egyptians hurl tomatoes in protest, the Obamas pose for the Kiss Cam, John Oliver tells America to keep it down, Al Madrigal goes to Mexico, and Victor Cruz talks football.

Ep.125 Sigourney Weaver

Air Date: 2012-07-18

Banks tamper with the Libor rate, Mitt Romney resists pressure to reveal his tax returns, and Sigourney Weaver talks American dynasties and "Political Animals.

Ep.126 E.J. Dionne

Air Date: 2012-07-19

An investigation reveals HSBC laundered money for Mexican drug cartels, Michele Bachmann floats a conspiracy theory, and E.J. Dionne talks "Our Divided Political Heart.

Ep.127 Fareed Zakaria

Air Date: 2012-07-23

The Colorado tragedy sparks non-gun debate, the Boy Scouts and Chick-fil-A reaffirm exclusionary policies toward gays, and Fareed Zakaria discusses "The Post-American World.

Ep.128 Matthew McConaughey

Air Date: 2012-07-24

London faces Olympics-related difficulties, Lewis Black takes issue with the deliberate distortions of the campaigns, and Matthew McConaughey discusses "Killer Joe.

Ep.129 Joseph Stiglitz

Air Date: 2012-07-25

President Obama encounters pronoun trouble, John Oliver interviews Herman Cain about his imaginary energy policy, and Joseph Stiglitz discusses "The Price of Inequality.

Ep.130 Zach Galifianakas & Will Ferrell

Air Date: 2012-07-26

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un gets married, Samantha Bee reports on nuns at odds with the Vatican, and Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis take a break from "The Campaign.

Ep.131 Rashida Jones

Air Date: 2012-07-30

Mitt Romney sees disconcerting signs at the London Olympics, cities look to ban Chick-fil-A for its gay marriage stance, and Rashida Jones talks "Celeste and Jesse Forever.

Ep.132 Dambisa Moyo

Air Date: 2012-07-31

Mitt Romney makes an impression overseas, Dick Cheney and John McCain disagree on Sarah Palin's vice-presidential qualities, and economist Dambisa Moyo examines China.

Ep.133 Fred Guterl

Air Date: 2012-08-01

President Obama donates to the Obama campaign, Mitt Romney runs as a generic Republican candidate, Harry Reid is terrible, and Fred Guterl talks human extinction.

Ep.134 Jessica Biel

Air Date: 2012-08-02

Chik-fil-A Appreciation Day threatens America's chicken supply, the news struggles to not spoil the Olympics, and Jessica Biel discusses cars of the future in "Total Recall.

Ep.135 Tim Gunn

Air Date: 2012-08-06

The White House is criticized for security leaks, Jason Jones studies super spy Thomas Drake, the Mars rover lands, and Tim Gunn remembers ten seasons of "Project Runway.

Ep.136 Saima Wahab

Air Date: 2012-08-07

Chik-fil-A and Taco Bell face social media challenges, Italy doesn't love Mitt Romney, and Saima Wahab discusses her journey from Afghanistan to Portland, Oregon.

Ep.137 Chris Rock

Air Date: 2012-08-08

Voter I.D. laws target the poor, minorities and elderly, Al Madrigal investigates an Olympic penis controversy, and Chris Rock discusses "2 Days in New York.

Ep.138 Joanna Brooks

Air Date: 2012-08-09

President Obama and Mitt Romney exchange bad puns, Jason Jones covers the 2012 Red Neck Blank, and Joanna Brooks talks growing up Mormon in The Book of Mormon Girl.

Ep.139 Robert Pattinson

Air Date: 2012-08-13

Mitt Romney makes Paul Ryan the Republican vice presidential nominee, and "Cosmopolis" and "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson enjoys a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Ep.140 Misty May-Treanor

Air Date: 2012-08-14

Mitt Romney campaigns with vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan, John Hodgman shares his love of "Twilight," and Misty May-Treanor reflects on her Olympic legend.

Ep.141 Brian Williams

Air Date: 2012-08-15

Joe Biden sparks Republican outrage, John Oliver searches for America's next great political prop, and Brian Williams discusses dogs and Paul Ryan's Wienermobile.

Ep.142 Rob Corddry

Air Date: 2012-08-16

Pennsylvania and Ohio pursue partisan voting laws, the Best F#@king News Team Ever warms up for the Republican National Convention, and Rob Corddry shares his Olympic medal.

Ep.143 Marco Rubio

Air Date: 2012-08-28

The Best F#@king News Team ever reports from the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL, and Marco Rubio touts Republican governing philosophies and Florida journalism.

Ep.144 Herman Cain

Air Date: 2012-08-29

The 2012 Republican National Convention finds its theme, Samantha Bee investigates the Republican platform, and Herman Cain identifies differences between him and Mitt Romney.

Ep.145 Michael Steele

Air Date: 2012-08-30

Paul Ryan addresses the Republican National Convention, John Oliver interprets the Republican theme "We Can Change It," and Michael Steele talks Ron Paul.

Ep.146 GOP Convention 2012: Friday

Air Date: 2012-08-31

Clint Eastwood speaks to an empty chair, Mitt Romney recalls America's idyllic past, and the Best F#@king News Team Ever say goodbye to the Republican National Convention.

Ep.147 Tom Brokaw

Air Date: 2012-09-04

The Democratic National Convention begins in Charlotte, NC, the Best F#@king News Team Ever updates the Obama campaign's slogan, and Tom Brokaw compares conventions.

Ep.148 Kirsten Gillibrand

Air Date: 2012-09-05

Democratic National Convention speakers praise President Obama, John Oliver shares a personal Obama anecdote, and Kirsten Gillibrand calls for more women in Congress.

Ep.149 Austan Goolsbee

Air Date: 2012-09-06

The Democratic Party votes to amend its platform, Bill Clinton shares hard facts, and economist Austan Goolsbee remains happily divorced from government work.

Ep.150 DNC Friday

Air Date: 2012-09-07

President Obama accepts the Democratic nomination, the Best F#@king News Team Ever shares memories of Charlotte, and Fox News gets a new slogan after its convention coverage.

Ep.151 Kofi Annan

Air Date: 2012-09-17

A YouTube movie sparks violence in the Middle East, John Oliver reports from Egypt, and Kofi Annan shares his views on the Syrian conflict and what it means for the world.

Ep.152 Salman Rushdie

Air Date: 2012-09-18

Mitt Romney shares his opinion of 47% of Americans, Al Madrigal and Jessica Williams discuss minority advantages in America, and Salman Rushdie talks "Joseph Anton.

Ep.153 Pink

Air Date: 2012-09-19

Fox News addresses the leaked Romney video, the Best F#@king News Team Ever prepares for general election sniping, and Pink performs a song from "The Truth About Love.

Ep.154 Bill Clinton

Air Date: 2012-09-20

An ancient papyrus hints that Jesus was married, the Senate GOP kills a veterans jobs bill, and Bill Clinton discusses his convention speech and the Clinton Global Initiative.

Ep.155 King Abdullah II

Air Date: 2012-09-25

President Obama brushes off United Nations world leaders, Mitt Romney regresses as the election approaches, and King Abdullah II of Jordan talks Arab Spring.

Ep.156 Olivia Wilde

Air Date: 2012-09-26

The NFL referee lockout continues, Patrick Stewart replaces John Oliver, Jason Jones investigates Sudden Wealth Syndrome, and Olivia Wilde talks life in Kenya.

Ep.157 Amar'e Stoudemire

Air Date: 2012-09-27

Hungry kids protest school lunch calorie limits, the UN General Assembly makes for bland political theater, and Amar'e Stoudemire discusses his "STAT" children's books.