Season 20

Season 20 (2014)

Episodes: 142

Star Cast: Jon Stewart , Hasan Minhaj , Jordan Klepper ,

Episodes List

Ep.1 Hadi al-Bahra

Air Date: 2014-09-29

Congress fails to debate going to war with ISIS, the U.N. Climate Summit draws global leaders, and Hadi al-Bahra discusses the Syrian National Coalition's opposition movement.

Ep.2 Ben Affleck

Air Date: 2014-09-30

Congress's system for passing laws slows to a halt, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits the U.S., and Ben Affleck discusses "Gone Girl" and "Batman v Superman."

Ep.3 Lena Dunham

Air Date: 2014-10-01

An intruder breaches White House security, the first case of Ebola in the U.S. causes the media to panic, and Lena Dunham discusses her memoir, "Not That Kind of Girl."

Ep.4 Ben Steele

Air Date: 2014-10-02

Conservatives panic about ISIS and Ebola, Jessica Williams explores the idea that sexism doesn't exist, and Ben Steele discusses "Hunted: The War Against Gays in Russia."

Ep.5 Atul Gawande

Air Date: 2014-10-06

Protests in Hong Kong become more relaxed, Kim Jong-un suffers from a mysterious illness, Jordan Klepper visits the U.N., and Atul Gawande discusses his book "Being Mortal."

Ep.6 Wyatt Cenac

Air Date: 2014-10-07

While Jon is out sick, Jason Jones and Samantha Bee guest host. Joe Biden offends America's allies in the Middle East, Samantha Bee investigates some missing data about police brutality, and Wyatt Cenac discusses "Wyatt Cenac: Brooklyn."

Ep.7 Leon Panetta

Air Date: 2014-10-08

ISIS moves to attack the Syrian border town of Kobani, Kristen Schaal reports on the GOP's campaign targeting female voters, and Leon Panetta discusses "Worthy Fights."

Ep.8 Jeremy Renner

Air Date: 2014-10-09

AIG's former CEO sues the U.S. government, Al Madrigal reports on Republicans' sudden interest in gay voters, and Jeremy Renner discusses his film "Kill the Messenger."

Ep.9 Matt Bai

Air Date: 2014-10-13

Democrats display unparalleled persistence in campaign fundraising, Jessica Williams reports on modern-day exorcisms, and Matt Bai discusses "All the Truth Is Out."

Ep.10 Zach Galifianakis

Air Date: 2014-10-14

A health worker in Texas contracts Ebola, Staten Island's midterm election race comes down to two lackluster candidates, and Zach Galifianakis discusses his film "Birdman."

Ep.11 Bill O'Reilly

Air Date: 2014-10-15

Candidates square off in the midterm election debates, the coalition against ISIS encounters unexpected obstacles, and Bill O'Reilly discusses white privilege.

Ep.12 Bryan Stevenson

Air Date: 2014-10-16

Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist cools his balls, Jessica Williams reports on Kansas's conservative utopia, and Bryan Stevenson discusses his book "Just Mercy."

Ep.13 Wendy Davis

Air Date: 2014-10-27

The Best [email protected]#king News Team Ever heads to Austin, Texas, for the midterms, a doctor in New York City contracts Ebola, and Wendy Davis discusses "Forgetting to Be Afraid."

Ep.14 Joaquin Castro

Air Date: 2014-10-28

Democrats' prospects in the midterms are dire, Jason Jones reports on the key political issues in Texas, and Rep. Joaquin Castro describes a difficult year in Congress.

Ep.15 Ellar Coltrane

Air Date: 2014-10-29

The Best F#@king News Team Ever reports on the immigration crisis in Texas, a Koch Brothers' advertisement gets some apt alterations, and Ellar Coltrane discusses "Boyhood."

Ep.16 Spoon

Air Date: 2014-10-30

Texas Democrats are in denial about the blueness of their state, Samantha Bee investigates what makes Austin weird, and Spoon performs from their album "They Want My Soul."

Ep.17 Jake Gyllenhaal

Air Date: 2014-11-03

Republicans surge ahead in the midterm elections polls, Connecticut gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley defends his boat's name, and Jake Gyllenhaal discusses "Nightcrawler."

Ep.18 Reince Priebus

Air Date: 2014-11-04

Republicans sweep the midterms, The Best F#@king News Team Ever offers expert election coverage, and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus celebrates his party's victory.

Ep.19 John Cleese

Air Date: 2014-11-05

Jordan Klepper and Jessica Williams report on the Republicans' sweeping victory in the midterm elections, and John Cleese discusses his memoir, "So, Anyway..."

Ep.20 James Risen

Air Date: 2014-11-06

President Obama and Republicans both pledge to work together, Democrats intentionally avoid making legislative decisions, and James Risen discusses his book "Pay Any Price."

Ep.21 Bruce Springsteen & Frank Caruso

Air Date: 2014-11-10

President Obama increases the military presence in Iraq, Jordan Klepper examines police sensitivity training, and Bruce Springsteen and Frank Caruso discuss "Outlaw Pete."

Ep.22 Samantha Power

Air Date: 2014-11-11

New York City is declared Ebola-free, China hosts the APEC summit, and U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power discusses the international efforts to combat Ebola and ISIS.

Ep.23 Steve Carell

Air Date: 2014-11-12

Poaching threatens elephants and funds terrorists, police accuse Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges of flashing a gang sign, and Steve Carell discusses his film "Foxcatcher."

Ep.24 Maziar Bahari & Gael Garcia Bernal

Air Date: 2014-11-13

John Oliver hosts the show, and Jason Jones, Tim Greenberg, Gael Garcia Bernal and Maziar Bahari discuss the inspiration for and making of the film "Rosewater."

Ep.25 Laura Poitras

Air Date: 2014-11-17

President Obama considers an executive order on immigration, Jessica Williams reports on Detroit's water shutoffs, and Laura Poitras discusses her documentary "Citizenfour."

Ep.26 Benedict Cumberbatch

Air Date: 2014-11-18

Obamacare faces scrutiny yet again, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi demonstrates her political ruthlessness, and Benedict Cumberbatch discusses "The Imitation Game."

Ep.27 Jessica Chastain

Air Date: 2014-11-19

Hasan Minhaj and Jordan Klepper debate the use of gestation crates, Lewis Black investigates Black Friday's impact on laborers, and Jessica Chastain discusses "Interstellar."

Ep.28 Eddie Redmayne

Air Date: 2014-11-20

The Keystone XL pipeline bill fails to pass, Republicans include a loophole in an eminent domain law, and Eddie Redmayne discusses his file "The Theory of Everything."

Ep.29 Andrew Napolitano

Air Date: 2014-12-01

Civil rights protests erupt across the U.S., Governor Chris Christie vetoes a bill to ban pig gestation crates, and Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses his book "Suicide Pact."

Ep.30 Sophie Delaunay

Air Date: 2014-12-02

The St. Louis Rams clash with local police, Larry Wilmore talks about the Ferguson protests, China bans puns, and Sophie Delaunay discusses Doctors Without Borders.

Ep.31 Dave Grohl

Air Date: 2014-12-03

The NYPD officer whose chokehold led to Eric Garner's death is not indicted, Samantha Bee reports on pinkwashing, and Dave Grohl discusses "Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways."

Ep.32 Angelina Jolie

Air Date: 2014-12-04

The media tries to find the rationale behind the Eric Garner grand jury decision, Trevor Noah joins The Best F#@king News Team Ever, and Angelina Jolie discusses "Unbroken."

Ep.33 Norman Lear

Air Date: 2014-12-08

Some of the recipients of Social Security benefits prove to be surprising, Fox News takes a stab at Jon, and Norman Lear discusses his memoir "Even This I Get to Experience."

Ep.34 Kathryn Bigelow & Juan Zarate

Air Date: 2014-12-09

The Senate releases its report on CIA torture, Jordan Klepper investigates a discriminatory restaurant, and Kathryn Bigelow and Juan Zarate discuss their PSA "Last Days."

Ep.35 Suki Kim

Air Date: 2014-12-10

Proponents of the CIA's torture program try to justify it, Hasan Minhaj defends America's awesomeness, and Suki Kim discusses her memoir, "Without You, There Is No Us."

Ep.36 Mick Foley

Air Date: 2014-12-11

The royal family visits New York City, millennials get more than they bargained for when they join ISIS, and Mick Foley discusses his documentary "I Am Santa Claus."

Ep.37 Tim Burton

Air Date: 2014-12-15

Dick Cheney defends the CIA's torture program, Jordan Klepper visits Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven for governing advice, and Tim Burton discusses his film "Big Eyes."

Ep.38 Paul McCartney

Air Date: 2014-12-16

Congress passes a budget bill that's full of surprises, Aasif Mandvi reports on a suggestive South Dakotan PSA, and Paul McCartney discusses his song "Hope for the Future."

Ep.39 Anna Kendrick

Air Date: 2014-12-17

LeBron James and Andrew Hawkins join in the police brutality protests, Jessica Williams defends Jay Z's reputation, and Anna Kendrick discusses her film "Into the Woods."

Ep.40 Chris Rock

Air Date: 2014-12-18

Sony decides not to release "The Interview," the U.S. and Cuba begin to rebuild their relationship, Jordan Klepper reports on SantaCon, and Chris Rock discusses "Top Five."

Ep.41 Steven Brill

Air Date: 2015-01-05

The countdown to Democalypse 2016 begins, "The Interview" triggers tension between the U.S. and North Korea, and Steven Brill discusses his book "America's Bitter Pill."

Ep.42 Cass Sunstein

Air Date: 2015-01-06

A new congressional session begins, Staten Island Representative Michael Grimm resigns following tax evasion charges, and Cass Sunstein discusses his book "Wiser."

Ep.43 Ava DuVernay

Air Date: 2015-01-07

A deadly attack hits Paris, Aasif Mandvi covers Great Britain's Nazi cow problem, Hasan Minhaj reports on homelessness in Salt Lake City, and Ava DuVernay discusses "Selma."

Ep.44 Allison Williams

Air Date: 2015-01-08

Mitch McConnell brags about the Republican Congress, Jason Jones causes mischief in New York after a slowdown in arrests, and "Girls" star Allison Williams sits down with Jon.

Ep.45 Jimmy Carter

Air Date: 2015-01-12

Millions march in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo shooting, Rupert Murdoch's tweet sparks a debate, and Jimmy Carter discusses the exhibition "Countdown to Zero."

Ep.46 Marco Rubio

Air Date: 2015-01-13

Florida legalizes same-sex marriage, a store owner beats his employees with a lizard, and Senator Marco Rubio discusses his book "American Dreams."

Ep.47 Julianne Moore

Air Date: 2015-01-14

A French comedian is arrested despite the country's stance on free speech, police in the Philippines are ordered to wear diapers, and Julianne Moore discusses "Still Alice."

Ep.48 Sienna Miller

Air Date: 2015-01-15

The Keystone XL pipeline debate continues, Jessica Williams reports on a unique law regarding the right to an attorney, and Sienna Miller discusses "American Sniper."

Ep.49 Mike Huckabee

Air Date: 2015-01-19

Secretary of State John Kerry visits France, the Miss Universe pageant gets wrapped up in Middle Eastern politics, and Mike Huckabee discusses "God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy."

Ep.50 Jennifer Lopez

Air Date: 2015-01-20

Several Republican candidates consider a bid for president, Aasif Mandvi investigates the threat of Sharia law in Alabama, and Jennifer Lopez discusses "The Boy Next Door."

Ep.51 Anne Hathaway

Air Date: 2015-01-21

Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union address, multiple Tea Party Republicans respond to the president's speech, and Anne Hathaway discusses her film "Song One."

Ep.52 Jennifer Aniston

Air Date: 2015-01-22

The World Economic Forum kicks off in Switzerland, MetLife sues the federal government, Trevor Noah reports on Boko Haram, and Jennifer Aniston discusses her film "Cake."

Ep.53 Julian Castro

Air Date: 2015-01-26

Presidential hopefuls convene for the Iowa Freedom Summit, Republicans try to appeal to the middle class more, and Julian Castro discusses his work at HUD.

Ep.54 Jill Leovy

Air Date: 2015-01-27

The media fixates on Winter Storm Juno's impact on New York City, a drone crashes into the White House, and journalist Jill Leovy discusses her book "Ghettoside."

Ep.55 Oscar Isaac

Air Date: 2015-01-28

President Obama pays his respects to Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, Kristen Schaal addresses male oppression on the subway, and Oscar Isaac discusses "A Most Violent Year."

Ep.56 Sarah Chayes

Air Date: 2015-01-29

The Deflategate scandal rocks the NFL right before the Super Bowl, Jessica Williams investigates mixed-party dating, and Sarah Chayes discusses her book "Thieves of State."

Ep.57 Martin Short

Air Date: 2015-02-02

Mike Huckabee tackles the topic of same-sex marriage during his book tour, Jordan Klepper reports on China's magic industry, and Martin Short discusses "I Must Say."

Ep.58 Bill Browder

Air Date: 2015-02-03

Measles makes a shocking comeback, groundhogs get their yearly moment in the spotlight, and Bill Browder discusses his book "Red Notice."

Ep.59 Wes Moore

Air Date: 2015-02-04

The 114th Congress celebrates one month in office, Senator Thom Tillis suggests that public health standards are overrated, and Wes Moore discusses his book "The Work."

Ep.60 Bob Odenkirk

Air Date: 2015-02-05

Strong contenders for the 2016 race begin to emerge, John Boehner invites Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress, and Bob Odenkirk discusses "Better Call Saul."

Ep.61 Patricia Arquette

Air Date: 2015-02-09

Brian Williams comes under fire for misleading the public, Bassem Youssef reflects on the quagmire in the Middle East, and Patricia Arquette discusses her film "Boyhood."

Ep.62 David Axelrod

Air Date: 2015-02-10

Fox News unexpectedly reverses their complaints about President Obama, and David Axelrod discusses his lengthy career as a political strategist in his book "Believer."

Ep.63 Colin Firth

Air Date: 2015-02-11

Kansas and Alabama restrict gay rights, Jordan Klepper speaks with a group of Las Vegas teens about sex education, and Colin Firth discusses his film "Kingsman."

Ep.64 Christine Lagarde

Air Date: 2015-02-23

Conservatives criticize President Obama's ISIS offensive while Rudy Giuliani questions his patriotism, and Christine Lagarde discusses the International Monetary Fund.

Ep.65 Lynsey Addario

Air Date: 2015-02-24

An article in Mother Jones questions Bill O'Reilly's credibility, Samantha Bee reports on Vice President Biden's bad habit, and Lynsey Addario discusses "It's What I Do."

Ep.66 Conan O'Brien

Air Date: 2015-02-25

Conservative pundits question Jon's honor, Congressman Aaron Schock posts his possibly publicly funded adventures on Instagram, and Conan O'Brien discusses his trip to Cuba.

Ep.67 Olivia Wilde

Air Date: 2015-02-26

Several whistleblowers are penalized after exposing misconduct, Hasan Minhaj tackles inequality among the 1%, and Olivia Wilde discusses her film "The Lazarus Effect."

Ep.68 Robert Smigel

Air Date: 2015-03-02

Congress threatens to defund the Department of Homeland Security, Senator Jim Inhofe argues against climate change, and Robert Smigel discusses Night of Too Many Stars.

Ep.69 Sigourney Weaver

Air Date: 2015-03-03

Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a speech to Congress, Aasif Mandvi highlights a potential future for print media, and Sigourney Weaver discusses her film "Chappie."

Ep.70 Viacheslav Fetisov

Air Date: 2015-03-04

Hillary Clinton's informal emailing style causes controversy, Jordan Klepper reports on a surprising Florida law, and Viacheslav Fetisov discusses the documentary "Red Army."

Ep.71 Gerald Posner

Air Date: 2015-03-05

Jessica Williams reports on the DOJ's investigation into Ferguson, MO, an opposition leader in Russia is murdered, and Gerald Posner discusses "God's Bankers."

Ep.72 John Lewis

Air Date: 2015-03-09

The U.S. commemorates the 50th anniversary of "Bloody Sunday" in Selma, and Congressman John Lewis reflects on the civil rights movement in his graphic novel trilogy, "March."

Ep.73 Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer

Air Date: 2015-03-10

Senate Republicans send a letter to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Lewis Black investigates animal cruelty, and Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer discuss Broad City.

Ep.74 Common

Air Date: 2015-03-11

Fraternity brothers are caught on tape chanting racial slurs, Hillary Clinton gives an explanation for her informal email practices, and Common discusses "Run All Night."

Ep.75 Rob Corddry

Air Date: 2015-03-12

Several New Jersey officials engage in questionable practices, Jordan Klepper reports on Hurricane Sandy survivors, and Rob Corddry discusses his show "Childrens Hospital."

Ep.76 Andrew Cockburn

Air Date: 2015-03-16

Several states work to erase equal rights for the LGBT community, the Secret Service and the media require interventions, and Andrew Cockburn discusses his book "Kill Chain."

Ep.77 Amanda Seyfried

Air Date: 2015-03-17

Democrats filibuster a bipartisan human trafficking bill, the food industry takes varying approaches to the obesity crisis, and Amanda Seyfried discusses "While We're Young."

Ep.78 Kevin Hart

Air Date: 2015-03-18

Congressman Aaron Schock resigns following inquiries into his use of taxpayer dollars, Benjamin Netanyahu wins re-election in Israel, and Kevin Hart discusses "Get Hard."

Ep.79 Will Ferrell

Air Date: 2015-03-19

Fox News selectively covers the Department of Justice reports on Ferguson, Trevor Noah challenges Jon to a chess game, and Will Ferrell discusses his film "Get Hard."

Ep.80 Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Air Date: 2015-03-23

The V.A. continues its legacy of inadequacy, Senator Ted Cruz officially announces his plans to run for president, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali discusses her book "Heretic."

Ep.81 Jon Ronson

Air Date: 2015-03-24

A sex-trafficking bill remains stuck in Congress, Kristen Schaal reports on gender wage equality, and Jon Ronson discusses his book "So You've Been Publicly Shamed."

Ep.82 Kirby Dick & Amy Ziering

Air Date: 2015-03-25

California and Florida feel the effects of climate change, Hasan Minhaj interviews an Oregon pot grower, and Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering discuss "The Hunting Ground."

Ep.83 John Hargrove

Air Date: 2015-03-26

Jason Jones bids farewell to The Daily Show, Jon congratulates Fox News for being right, and former orca trainer John Hargrove discusses his book "Beneath the Surface."

Ep.84 Gene Baur

Air Date: 2015-04-06

Indiana passes a controversial religious freedom law, Jordan Klepper chases after crowdfunding donations, and Gene Baur discusses his book "Living the Farm Sanctuary Life."

Ep.85 Peter Dinklage

Air Date: 2015-04-07

Hasan Minhaj reports on the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal, Senator Rand Paul announces his presidential bid, and Peter Dinklage discusses the fifth season of "Game of Thrones."

Ep.86 Tavis Smiley

Air Date: 2015-04-08

Rolling Stone retracts an article, Samantha Bee reports on a shocking custody issue, Mayor Rahm Emanuel wins re-election, and Tavis Smiley discusses "My Journey with Maya."

Ep.87 Elizabeth Warren

Air Date: 2015-04-09

Kansas passes a lenient gun safety law while enforcing harsh welfare regulations, and Senator Elizabeth Warren discusses corruption, student debt and "A Fighting Chance."

Ep.88 Adam Horovitz

Air Date: 2015-04-13

Hillary Clinton announces her presidential bid, Bassem Youssef unpacks the confusing proxy wars in the Middle East, and Adam Horovitz discusses his film "While We're Young."

Ep.89 Fareed Zakaria

Air Date: 2015-04-14

Congress criticizes a proposed treaty with Iran, Hillary Clinton overshadows Marco Rubio's presidential bid, and Fareed Zakaria discusses "In Defense of a Liberal Education."

Ep.90 Billy Crystal

Air Date: 2015-04-15

The media struggles to deliver relevant content in appropriate ways, Jordan Klepper investigates the future of Christianity, and Billy Crystal discusses "The Comedians."

Ep.91 Eric Greitens

Air Date: 2015-04-16

Dick Cheney criticizes President Obama's nuclear negotiations with Iran, the winner of the 2015 'Mercun Awards emerges, and Eric Greitens discusses his book "Resilience."

Ep.92 Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

Air Date: 2015-04-20

The Best F#@king News Team Ever envisions if life were like Congress, CNN adds 4/20 coverage to its programming, and Gayle Tzemach Lemmon discusses her book "Ashley's War."

Ep.93 Jeff Garlin

Air Date: 2015-04-21

Republican candidates update their positions on same-sex marriage, a man flies past Capitol security in a gyrocopter, and Jeff Garlin offers Jon a part on "The Goldbergs."

Ep.94 Dana Perino

Air Date: 2015-04-22

Unethical Atlanta educators share similarities with Wall Street bankers, Aasif Mandvi uncovers a GMO conspiracy, and Dana Perino discusses her book "And the Good News Is..."

Ep.95 Neil deGrasse Tyson

Air Date: 2015-04-23

Fracking causes earthquakes in Oklahoma, the NSA debuts a creepy recycling mascot, John Hodgman makes a dramatic exit, and Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses "StarTalk."

Ep.96 Elizabeth Olsen

Air Date: 2015-04-27

The media misses an important Baltimore news story during the White House Correspondents' Dinner, and Elizabeth Olsen discusses her film "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

Ep.97 George Stephanopoulos

Air Date: 2015-04-28

Baltimore's mayor declares a state of emergency, Hasan Minhaj reports on bipartisan prison reform, and George Stephanopoulos discusses the responsibility of the media.

Ep.98 Judith Miller

Air Date: 2015-04-29

The Supreme Court considers the legality of same-sex marriage, and Judith Miller discusses the lead-up to the Iraq War and her memoir, "The Story: A Reporter's Journey."

Ep.99 Kristen Wiig

Air Date: 2015-04-30

Sen. Bernie Sanders enters the presidential race, Hillary Clinton faces corruption rumors, Jon celebrates Samantha Bee's last day, and Kristen Wiig discusses "Welcome to Me."

Ep.100 Brian Grazer

Air Date: 2015-05-04

Texan conspiracy theorists fear a military takeover, Jessica Williams investigates the end of same-sex marriage protests, and Brian Grazer discusses his book "A Curious Mind."

Ep.101 Willie Nelson

Air Date: 2015-05-05

Three Republican candidates join the presidential race, Senator Ted Cruz contradicts his own principles, and Willie Nelson discusses his memoir "It's a Long Story: My Life."

Ep.102 Ernest Moniz

Air Date: 2015-05-06

New York and New Jersey each face corruption scandals, Al Madrigal predicts who will win the Latino vote in 2016, and Ernest Moniz discusses the U.S.'s nuclear deal with Iran.

Ep.103 Mumford & Sons

Air Date: 2015-05-07

Regulation of campaign financing reaches new lows, a report exposes Tom Brady's knowledge of Deflategate, and Mumford & Sons performs a song from their album "Wilder Mind."

Ep.104 John Legend

Air Date: 2015-05-11

David Cameron wins re-election in the U.K., Jordan Klepper investigates the role of money in British democracy, and John Legend discusses the documentary "Southern Rites."

Ep.105 Tom Brokaw

Air Date: 2015-05-12

The vetting process for the 2016 presidential candidates begins, Kristen Schaal reports on the "dad bod" trend, and Tom Brokaw discusses his memoir "A Lucky Life Interrupted."

Ep.106 Reza Aslan

Air Date: 2015-05-13

Fox News takes issue with Barack Obama's stance on poverty, Jordan Klepper looks for controversial topics in the British election, and Reza Aslan discusses the state of Islam.

Ep.107 Rebel Wilson

Air Date: 2015-05-14

Jeb Bush beats around the bush regarding the Iraq War and his candidacy, Lewis Black reports on several Nazi-related stories, and Rebel Wilson discusses "Pitch Perfect 2."

Ep.108 Rand Paul

Air Date: 2015-05-26

Sections of the Patriot Act near expiration, Republicans propose a new surveillance act, and Sen. Rand Paul discusses his 11-hour filibuster and religious liberties.

Ep.109 Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Air Date: 2015-05-27

Several top FIFA officials face corruption charges, allergy season reaches catastrophic levels, and Rosabeth Moss Kanter discusses her book "Move."

Ep.110 Matt Harvey

Air Date: 2015-05-28

Senator Bernie Sanders begins his presidential campaign, ISIS attacks a major Iraqi city, and Matt Harvey discusses his pitching career with the New York Mets.

Ep.111 Stanley McChrystal

Air Date: 2015-06-01

Jordan Klepper finds a new use for the NSA, Senator Lindsey Graham enters the presidential race, and General Stanley McChrystal discusses his book "Team of Teams."

Ep.112 Bill de Blasio

Air Date: 2015-06-02

A CIA study analyzes America's armament of the Middle East, the media react to Caitlyn Jenner's debut, and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio outlines his progressive agenda.

Ep.113 Melissa McCarthy

Air Date: 2015-06-03

Hasan Minhaj gives Muslim women advice on downplaying their religion, Jordan Klepper investigates free-range parenting, and Melissa McCarthy chats about her film "Spy."

Ep.114 Steve Buscemi

Air Date: 2015-06-04

Governors Lincoln Chafee and Rick Perry kick off their presidential campaigns, John Hodgman celebrates Jon's eloquence, and Steve Buscemi discusses his talk show "Park Bench."

Ep.115 Nicola Sturgeon

Air Date: 2015-06-08

Texas cops use excessive force at a pool party, Republican candidates head to Iowa, and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon discusses seceding from the U.K.

Ep.116 Nick Offerman

Air Date: 2015-06-09

President Obama attends the G7 summit, CNN's Chris Cuomo and Governor Andrew Cuomo broadcast their sibling rivalry, and Nick Offerman discusses his book "Gumption."

Ep.117 Colin Quinn

Air Date: 2015-06-10

California's drought leads to unpopular water-saving strategies, The New York Times investigates Senator Marco Rubio's spending, and Colin Quinn discusses "The Coloring Book."

Ep.118 Mark Ruffalo

Air Date: 2015-06-11

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld reflects on his role in the Iraq War, Jon looks back at past interviews, and Mark Ruffalo discusses his movie "Infinitely Polar Bear."

Ep.119 Judd Apatow

Air Date: 2015-06-15

NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal is accused of misrepresenting her race, Al Madrigal learns about Iowa's voting process, and Judd Apatow discusses his book "Sick in the Head."

Ep.120 Aziz Ansari

Air Date: 2015-06-16

Donald Trump enters the 2016 presidential race, a restaurant chain unveils a troubling new dish, and comedian Aziz Ansari explores dating trends in his book "Modern Romance."

Ep.121 Bill Clinton

Air Date: 2015-06-17

Jon relives Donald Trump's presidential announcement speech, the House of Representatives votes on trade legislation, and Bill Clinton discusses the U.S.'s economic prospects.

Ep.122 Malala Yousafzai

Air Date: 2015-06-18

Jon speaks out about the church massacre in Charleston, S.C., and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai discusses the documentary "He Named Me Malala."

Ep.123 Al Franken

Air Date: 2015-06-22

Fox News accuses liberals of politicizing the South Carolina shooting, Jessica Williams takes on the Confederate flag, and Al Franken discusses going from comedy to Congress.

Ep.124 Seth MacFarlane

Air Date: 2015-06-23

Presidential contender Donald Trump establishes his campaign platform, Hasan Minhaj honors Jon's physical fortitude, and director Seth MacFarlane discusses his movie "Ted 2."

Ep.125 Andrew Napolitano

Air Date: 2015-06-24

Southern states consider taking down the Confederate flag, Jessica Williams weighs in on the idea of a female-fronted $10 bill, and Andrew Napolitano discusses free speech.

Ep.126 Richard Lewis

Air Date: 2015-06-25

Pope Francis upsets Republicans with his remarks on global warming, Bobby Jindal enters the presidential race, and comedian Richard Lewis discusses his show "Blunt Talk."

Ep.127 Taylor Schilling

Air Date: 2015-06-29

Conservatives react to the Supreme Court's ruling on marriage equality, Justice Antonin Scalia issues an unusual dissent, and Taylor Schilling discusses "The Overnight."

Ep.128 Jon Hamm

Air Date: 2015-06-30

Conservatives win big in Supreme Court rulings on environmental regulations and the death penalty, Jon sings the news, and Jon Hamm discusses his film "Minions."

Ep.129 Kirsten Gillibrand

Air Date: 2015-07-01

Gov. Chris Christie kicks off his presidential campaign, and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand describes finding common ground in Congress and working to pass a paid family leave bill.

Ep.130 Sarah Vowell

Air Date: 2015-07-02

Donald Trump defends his racist remarks, Ohioans fight a Native American group over an Alaskan mountain, and Sarah Vowell discusses "Lafayette in the Somewhat United States."

Ep.131 Paul Rudd

Air Date: 2015-07-20

Donald Trump belittles Sen. John McCain's war hero status, Jordan Klepper examines the possibility of an openly churlish president, and Paul Rudd discusses his film "Ant-Man."

Ep.132 Barack Obama

Air Date: 2015-07-21

President Barack Obama sits down with Jon one last time to discuss senioritis, his relationship with the media and how to engage young people in public service.

Ep.133 Jake Gyllenhaal

Air Date: 2015-07-22

Republicans criticize the U.S.'s nuclear deal with Iran, Senator Chuck Schumer reviews New York City diners with MSNBC, and Jake Gyllenhaal talks about his film "Southpaw."

Ep.134 Ta-Nehisi Coates

Air Date: 2015-07-23

Donald Trump remains the most entertaining 2016 presidential candidate, Chuck Schumer wishes Jon mazel tov, and Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses his book "Between the World and Me."

Ep.135 David McCullough

Air Date: 2015-07-27

FBI officials warn of ISIS's Twitter capabilities, Mike Huckabee likens the Iran nuclear deal to the Holocaust, and David McCullough discusses his book "The Wright Brothers."

Ep.136 Tom Cruise

Air Date: 2015-07-28

President Obama visits Ethiopia and Kenya, Hasan Minhaj and Jordan Klepper make Jon answer fans' questions, and Tom Cruise discusses "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation."

Ep.137 Doris Kearns Goodwin

Air Date: 2015-07-29

Jon's White House visit leads to wild media speculation, an Arkansas pastor takes on LGBT rights, and Doris Kearns Goodwin discusses "Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream."

Ep.138 J.J. Abrams

Air Date: 2015-07-30

Republicans battle for a place at the primary debates, Seth Rollins presents a look back at show sponsors, and J.J. Abrams discuses "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation."

Ep.139 Amy Schumer

Air Date: 2015-08-03

The Koch brothers make five Republican candidates vie for their money, Fox News accuses Jon of being a liberal propagandist, and Amy Schumer discusses her movie "Trainwreck."

Ep.140 Denis Leary

Air Date: 2015-08-04

Hillary Clinton prepares for Joe Biden's alleged presidential run, Jessica Williams revisits subjects from past field pieces, and Denis Leary discusses "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll."

Ep.141 Louis C.K.

Air Date: 2015-08-05

On Jon's penultimate show, he examines his legacy of eviscerating the opposition, reflects on his noteworthy TV moments and discusses returning to stand-up with Louis C.K.

Ep.142 Jon Stewart's Final Episode

Air Date: 2015-08-06

On Jon's last episode of The Daily Show, he revisits The Best F#@king News Team Ever, gets a send-off from his top political targets and says goodbye after 16 years as host.