Season 3

Season 3 (1998)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Miguel Ferrer

Air Date: 1998-03-09

Ep.2 Timothy Dalton

Air Date: 1998-03-10

Ep.3 Jason Priestley

Air Date: 1998-03-11

Ep.4 Henry Thomas

Air Date: 1998-03-12

Ep.5 Al Franken

Air Date: 1998-03-30

Ep.6 David Boreanaz

Air Date: 1998-06-03

Ep.7 Scott Thompson

Air Date: 1998-06-25

Ep.8 Terry Jones

Air Date: 1998-09-10

Ep.9 Renee Hicks

Air Date: 1998-09-14

Ep.10 Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Air Date: 1998-09-15

Ep.11 Ben Stiller

Air Date: 1998-09-16

Ep.12 Vince Vaughn

Air Date: 1998-09-17

Ep.13 Jackie Chan

Air Date: 1998-09-21

Ep.14 Bonnie Raitt

Air Date: 1998-09-22

Ep.15 Denis Leary

Air Date: 1998-09-23

Ep.16 Janeane Garofalo

Air Date: 1998-09-24

Ep.17 David Cross & Bob Odenkirk

Air Date: 1998-10-27

Ep.18 Blair Underwood

Air Date: 1998-11-02

Ep.19 Upright Citizens Brigade

Air Date: 1998-11-03

Ep.20 Queen Latifah

Air Date: 1998-11-04

Ep.21 Henry Winkler

Air Date: 1998-11-05

Ep.22 John Fugelsang

Air Date: 1998-11-09

Ep.23 Travis Tritt

Air Date: 1998-11-10

Ep.24 Roma Downey

Air Date: 1998-11-11

Ep.25 Ken Olin

Air Date: 1998-11-16

Ep.26 Kate Mulgrew

Air Date: 1998-11-17

Ep.27 Shannen Doherty

Air Date: 1998-11-18

Ep.28 Jerry Springer

Air Date: 1998-11-19

Ep.29 Wendie Malick

Air Date: 1998-12-14

Ep.30 Deborah Norville

Air Date: 1998-12-15

Ep.31 Jon Stewart

Air Date: 1998-12-16

Ep.32 Richard Lewis

Air Date: 1998-12-17

The Daily Show, which has recently named the "best Late Night Comedy" by TV Guide, marks a change. Craig Kilborn, who has hosted the show since 1996, will leave, as will popular correspondents A. Whitney Brown and Brian Unger.

Ep.34 Second Anniversary Special

Air Date: 1998-07-22